Altadena Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors are highly visible volunteers serving as the primary liaison to new members. Considered the goodwill arm of the Chamber, the ambassador committee plays an essential role in member recruitment, communication, and retention. Each ambassador is charged with conveying members’ needs, questions, and concerns to Member Services, keeping our Chamber in line with members’ desires. The Ambassador Program consists of members volunteering their time to assist the Chamber in a variety of programs, projects, and activities.

To become an Altadena Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, an individual must be a member of the Chamber with a desire to serve others.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Alan Benavente, A5 Environmental

I became an Ambassador to feel more connected to the community I live in. To shape the growth in our community’s current and future businesses, and establish more events for our city to enjoy.

Karla Bartholomew, Humanitarian Campaigns

As an Ambassador, I want to help bring businesses and non-profits together by increasing involvement and support of Chamber activities and resources, which in turn, benefits the individual members. The Chamber is a helper for businesses and non-profits, and it provides a vehicle for members to help others.

Naomi King
I chose to volunteer as an Altadena Chamber of Commerce Ambassador because I have a wealth of small business and non-profit experience to share. I  understand both the value of dynamic community networking and the challenges that small businesses face. Being an active Chamber member is a great way to offer support and connect business members. Most of all, I love the Altadena community where I live, and being part of the creativity and innovation that make it such a special place to be.

Lisa Odigie, Realtor, Heritage Estates Co.

As a lifelong Altadena resident, I am dedicated to improving community and cultural vibrancy. I look forward to meeting my neighbors and making an impact in my hometown.

Wendy Chen Epstein, Callisto Tea House

I became an ambassador to be connected with the Altadena Community and to dive deep into our community’s needs. I want to connect people with opportunities, provide spaces for everyone, shine a light on community members, and be a part of a vibrant Altadena.

To apply to become an Ambassador, please send a query email to [email protected].