Rachel Figura

Rachel Figura

As a practitioner of metaphysics, I have always utilized energy, both within and outside the body, using ritual and sacred movement to heal the deep wounds we all receive in our lives. My background in physical therapy allowed me to use various modalities to help clients and transform their physical form and their lives.

Over time I have studied dance, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese Medicine, applied aromatherapy, reflexology, chakra balancing, tonal vibrations, and sound bath and yoga with its physical asana, breath-work, and meditation. My knowledge of Eastern Health and philosophy, came together with my training in modern Western kinesiology to form a perfect bridge between mind and body.  Every day I strive to embody the ultimate healing practice,

After studying with various teachers, including Rod Stryker, Paul Grilley, Jill Miller, Dr. Khalsa, I became a 200 Hour RYT, and have since logged thousands of teaching hours to become an E-RYT. I utilize a variety of tools to assist my students in their evolution.

As you learn to practice active, daily meditation, the mind will clear and your focus will improve. Living life in balance creates a radiance that will emanate as you continue to practices on and off the mat.

Music has been a life long passion. Through playing the piano and singing, I have discovered a creative center and I always include an eclectic mix of music in my classes

I offer guided yoga instruction in a range of techniques, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative and Prenatal with both group and private yoga available.

Gifted with empathy, I also offer Astrology and Tarot to look deeper into karmic patterns.

  • Yoga Instructor 200 E-RYT
  • Traditional Massage and Yoga Thai Massage CMT
  • Licensed Cosmetologist – Stylist; colorist
  • Hypnotherapist
  • UCLA Metaphysical Studies