My Tribe Rise

Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

My Tribe Rise focuses on police accountability and transformation, addressing food insecurity, economic development,  and solutions to end gang violence. 


The Vision of My Tribe Rise is to create opportunities for Peace through Positive Energy, fundamental relationships and shared social justice values. We welcome all people to join us in the work of creating peace. We focus on renewing our minds together and understanding our differences.


My Tribe Rise was founded in 2019 to take  the stigma out of Gangs-or what we call Tribes, and to educate people about the positive changes that are possible when tribes come together to end violence and meet the needs of our community. Those needs include food security, mentorship, a sense of purpose and belonging in our community, culturally informed healthcare, and freedom from racial profiling and police violence. In all of our work, we emphasize peace and unity in our community.