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Every single coffee has a unique global journey. For coffee beans this starts on a farm. Every coffee sees different living conditions, with varying climates, altitudes and soil, absorbing care and attention the Farms . Farmers labor meticulously to harvest, pick, and process the coffee before raw coffee ever reaches the United States.

At Unincorporated Coffee, we believe in sharing the story behind every coffee. Every cup has a consumers and our goal is to connect every consumer with their cup’s farmers. We work with our suppliers to assure that wages reach the farmers. Along with fulfilling our social responsibility, we test each coffee to assure that we serve the highest quality and best tasting coffee in the world.

We roast the coffee to it’s fullest flavor potential, highlighting its unique traits, finishing the cycle that culminates into that perfect cup of coffee. Each individual coffee is roasted to highlight their unique flavors, assuring a smooth and delicious experience.

We roast not just for flavor, but we want you to feel good about your cup of coffee. The zen experience of drinking our coffee can go beyond taste making you feel moments of nostalgia that will connect you with each cup.

We are here to make it easy on the consumer to feel good about their coffee whether on a farm level, manufacturing level, or at home your personal morning ritual. With Unincorporated coffee, you know your bases are covered and help you find the coffee that warms your heart.

Membership Level: 1-3 Employees

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3021 Lincoln Ave
Altadena, CA 91001 USA

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